Other sugar shunners

Below I’ve linked a smattering of articles I’ve come across from other sugar shunners. What I find interesting is that most of them have adopted different tactics on their sugar free quest and allowed/disallowed different things. For some, fructose is the demon, for others, it’s any added sugars. Some people allow maple syrup and honey, others […]

Sugar fiend! 

Hello my friends! So when your mum tells you “you’d better get on that blog and confess”, confess is what you should do! I’ve had a few weeks of absolute piggery that has mostly served to remind me why I’m doing this no sugar thing in the first place. I clearly have no off switch […]

Double standards! 

Hi folks, So my appitite has pretty much exploded over the past few days. I’ve essentially been permenantly hungry since Friday, so I’m trying (again) to get smarter about what I’m eating. I’ve been told I shouldn’t gain more than 11 kilos (around 24lbs) while I’m growing this baby, so I’m trying to be mindful of […]

Recent eats…

Hello friends! It’s been about a week since I updated you on my quest to quit refined sugar and white flour. The massive cookup that took place last Sunday may have destroyed me, but it has most certainly made the past week of my life much more manageable. In fact, it probably saved my sanity. […]