Birthday Cake – You Evil Temptress

Tuesday Jan 19th 2016

The whole School just got an email from Adam saying there was cake in the staff room. Sent a very enthusiastic reply, hit send, grabbed my coffee cup and then realised I probably couldn’t have it. I was right (very few people in this world bake themselves sugar and white flour free birthday cakes!). I smelt and admired from afar and that will have to do for today. It’s a pity as it’s my time of the month so a slice of cake would have gone down very well.

Also had a minor slip up, sort of, on day one (does not bode well for the future I know!). The chicken I had grabbed as part of the M&S meal deal on Sunday and earmarked for Monday dinner turned out to have a glaze that contained sugar. I ended up reluctantly peeling off most of the skin in order to avoid the glaze, although I’m sure plenty of it seeped into the chicken during cooking. At least now I know not to buy it again. And maybe I get a mini gold star for reading the ingredients list – a day late perhaps but done nonetheless!


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