Day 1 – Quitting the White Stuff

Monday January 18th 2016

So today is the day I give up eating some stuff for a year. I’m still not entirely settled on what stuff I will be going without. Anything made with refined sugar or refined white flour is gone but I’m wondering whether I’ll extend the list further over the space of the year, or will I mess up completely, cheat like crazy and have to make some allowances for myself along the way. If I’m honest, I haven’t even thought this through properly. I’m so busy with house buying and work and just being generally sociable that I’ve neglected to sit down and actually work through the logistics properly. All I know is that an American Airlines flight a little over a week ago made my decision for me. I was served pretty much the worst airplane food of my life and there didn’t seem to be one element of the meal that wasn’t highly processed or fake. I decided then that I had to call a halt to the crappy eating (and there was much crappy eating over the Christmas period!). So here we are, day 1 and I’m eating a 3-day-old salad for lunch. There seems to be quinoa, feta cheese, tomatoes and lettuce in there. I have another few salads and bits of fruit on standby and a coffee beside me. I worry about what is to come as far as sugar withdrawal goes but I’ll take it a day at a time. I’ve ditched the sugar before and after a few days I’m usually fine. Here’s hoping…


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