The morning after…

Wednesday Jan 20th 2016.

Yesterday wasn’t the easiest of days – in fairness though, it wasn’t that difficult either. We were out most of the afternoon and evening at a work thing that then morphed into Adam’s birthday celebrations. I had pre-ordered my lunch as best I could so had mushrooms to start and a chorizo and chicken casserole for mains and no dessert. Mushrooms were fine but the casserole was beyond salty so my meal was kind of ruined. It didn’t help that most people around me were digging into battered fish and chips that looked far nicer than what was in front of me (reports back were that it wasn’t that good either so no loss after all). I had toyed with the idea of an espresso martini in lieu of dessert but when I checked, was told there was sugar syrup in it so that idea was quashed fairly sharpish.

Later we went out for tapas, and again, I had to avoid most things on the menu. I did order a honey glazed pork but it tasted more like pork glazed honey and was so sweet I couldn’t eat it. So back it went and was replaced with some chicken skewers that were far nicer and probably better for me.

As for the honey situation, I’m still trying to get to grips with how I feel about it. It’s one of the least refined of all sweeteners but it’s still a sugar, so should I or shouldn’t I be eating it? I need to do some more reading up and then I can decide. Should I limit myself to a certain number of sugar grams per day or should I ditch some sugars and allow others. Decisions, decisions!


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