Mayonnaise Fail :(

Saturday, Jan 23rd 2016. 

Today has mostly been spent in front of my laptop trying to figure out this blogging thing. When not staring at the screen, struggling with the WordPress interface, I’ve been cooking; sugar and flour free of course. My efforts have been met with mixed levels of success…

Breakfast waffles – mostly ok.

I discovered a recipe last week for flourless waffles, but it was loaded with maple syrup, so I wanted to experiment a little. I don’t think I’m quite there yet but replacing the syrup with a banana seemed to work quite well. You grind up porridge oats to use instead of flour and I threw in some milled linseeds for good measure.

My problem currently is the very obvious taste of baking powder that I had to deal with when eating them. I have a few ideas to improve the taste and once I have it right I’ll share the recipe. Needless to say I polished them off in any case!


Semi-successful waffle making


Mayonnaise – huge fail.

The mayonnaise was a different kettle of fish entirely. I was a little to engrossed in my new world of blogging to realise that it was well past lunch so something quick and easy was needed. We settled on a baked potato stuffed with tuna-mayo and cheese and a salad. The problem is, the mayo in the fridge had added sugar so I suddenly decided, with no forethought, that I’d just make mayonnaise. How hard could it be?

I found  a recipe in Davina’s “5 weeks to sugar free” book, that I had bought ages ago and was gathering dust with my other aspirational cook books.


It seemed simple enough, even though I had no mustard, so I gave it a whizz, literally, in the food processor, and it was an unmitigated disaster. It didn’t thicken or change texture or do anything mayonnaise is supposed to do. It just stayed yellow and runny.


Mayo disaster 😦


If anyone has a foolproof recipe for mayo, please do let me know, as I’m not going without it for a whole year – it’s too nice!

In the end, I used greek yoghurt instead. Given that the potato/tuna combo was also drowned in cheese, I didn’t really notice the lack of mayonnaise. Phew!


Delicious – but could be prettier!


I’m getting hungry again now and I don’t know if I have the energy to think about dinner. I also have to be very careful to avoid the cadbury’s flake (18g of sugar or 4.5 teaspoons) that is sitting in my freezer. I received it as a present last night but I really need BF or somebody to eat it before I have a craving I can’t control!

I also think if I’m going to regularly be taking pictures of my food, I need to invest in white plates.



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