Not Smoked Salmon!

Monday Jan 25th 2016.
So I’m sitting here pretty traumatised after my trip to Tesco. It turns out there’s sugar in smoked salmon. Not all smoked salmon, but all that’s stocked by Tesco Swansea that’s for sure.

Finest my eye!

Distraught, I asked Google why this was so, and the Daily Mail had the answer. To paraphrase, (like any good academic) It’s the same old crap about keeping production high and costs down. You can read the article here.

So it would seem, if I want half way decent, sugar free, smoked salmon, I need to drive 33 miles to Waitrose in Cowbridge (where?), or go to Ireland. Conveniently, I’m doing the latter this weekend, but although many of my friends believe I’m constantly visiting home, I don’t think the frequency of my trips are enough to keep my fridge stocked. For now though, if you’re reading Mum, can you see if there’s any of the Kinvara stuff in Super Valu please?

The good stuff!

I also had to forgo the smoked bacon (sugar) for the unsmoked, non-streaky kind (no sugar). This makes me a little sad. If there’s one food I’ve taken to most enthusiastically since my move to Wales, it’s smoked streaky bacon. Now though, I’ll have to say goodbye for the next year. Sob.

I did however pick up some mustard powder for my second mayonnaise attempt, so the visit to Tesco was somewhat successful.

Mayonnaise here we come!

Sugar free grocery haul

If this shopping trip has taught me anything, it’s that my breakfasts are about to start looking very different. This is a little upsetting, as I think my love affair with porridge may also be coming to an end. I often have bacon/smoked salmon for brekkie, with eggs, avocado, spinach and tomatoes, but sometimes we just lob a load of oats in the slow cooker, go to bed and wake up to steaming, creamy porridge. Then we add chia seeds, ground linseed, flaked almonds, almond butter and a banana…mix it all up and down the hatch it goes.

Try almond butter in your porridge – trust me, you’ll never look back!

The past couple of weeks though, I’ve noticed that I haven’t been finishing my share. Anyone who knows me knows that I always clear my plate, so evidently there’s something amiss in Cathy’s world of porridge. This is a particular shame as my other breakfast staples seem to be off limits.

Sigh 😦

On a lighter note (pun intended) I weighed myself this morning and am down 1 lb. So that’s some good news, and reason enough to stick with this for a little while longer. My enormous spot’s still there, but I’ve had no new additions in the past couple of days. One other thing to go in the pro list.


2 thoughts on “Not Smoked Salmon!

  1. Be sure to weigh yourself at the same time every day! I prefer morning.
    And almond butter in porridge? Yum! All these amazing things we are finding out we can do with almond butter 😉
    It’s sad how sugar is in everything. Don’t come to North America! It’s rampant here. I have to read every label and I am generally disappointed a lot of the time. It’s disgusting, really.
    Can’t wait to read about the second mayo attempt!


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