Sugar Free Media

Tuesday Jan 26th 2016 

Today I finally set up some Google Alerts so I could keep track of this sugar/white flour business in the news. Three articles immediately peaked my interest:

  1. This Nottingham Post article concerning the new “Sugar Smart” app.
  2. A Huffington Post journalist and mum who’s trying to reduce the sugar she and her family (esp. kids) consume (find it here)
  3. And the one with the most entertainment potential might just be ITVs “sugar Free Farm” that’s airing tonight!

Lets start with the app, which I downloaded enthusiastically. Available from Google Play and the App Store, it’s called “sugar smart” and the idea is that can tell you how many cubes of sugar are in the food item you’re about to eat (or feed to your child). It uses your phone’s camera to scan the item’s barcode and then spits out the sugar content in cubes and grams.

I decided to try it out on the Cadbury’s Flake I “hid” in the freezer the other night.


The test subject.

Counting the sugar!

In no time at all, I was informed that the chocolate bar in question contained 4.4 cubes of sugar or 17.6 grams, which is pretty much the maximum intake recommended for a 4-6 year old and close enough to an adult’s max too.
The app is simple to use, you don’t have to click any buttons, just align the barcode with the camera thingy and very quickly it shows a result. It’s pretty basic to look at, and the makers freely admit that it’s not perfect yet, but it’s pretty nifty, and very helpful to people looking to learn more about where the sugar lurks in their food.

The Huffington Post article I came across (you can read it here) made me feel a little late to the game. The journalist and her pal, both called Hattie, are looking to reduce their families’ intake of sugar over the coming year (sound familiar?!).

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 22.48.14

One of the two Hatties and her mini Hatties


What’s refreshing is that they’re trying to make these changes using foods that are perceived to be more regular and freely available. After all, they’re both busy mums who don’t have the time or will to go sourcing Bee Pollen, Cacao Nips and the like.

Anyway, I’m now following them on instagram  (@thetwohattiesso will keep a keen eye on their progress.

The premise for “Sugar Free Farm” is this:

“Six celebrities undertake a dietary experiment as they attempt to live entirely without sugar for two weeks, working on a farm where they enjoy healthy, wholesome food.”


The Sugar Free Celebs


I’ve just finished watching and it is more or less as entertaining as I expected it to be. Watching 6 celebrities go through sugar and alcohol withdrawal has made me feel a lot better about myself. This Daily Mail article – here – gives the lowdown, and also nourishes my sometime need for trash news. What is bothering me, is that I’ve watched these celebrities cook sugar and refined flour free chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries and pizza, yet ITV have neglected to make the recipes available for us to try out at home.

Pity, I really fancy a pizza. 😦


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