Bacon Blues

I feel like i’m losing the battle to find decent sugar free bacon. I’ve wasted the last two breakfasts eating the most revolting stuff I’ve ever come across. Tesco’s “unfinest” made its way into my basket the other day because it was sugar free. Yay for me, or so I thought. The minute I started cooking it, loads of white stuff started oozing out, a sure sign that it’s been injected with loads of water, salt or brine – see here, here and here.

The ooze 😦


If that wasn’t bad enough, it failed the taste test miserably. Unless of course I missed the memo where bacon is now supposed to have both the texture and taste of cardboard.


Looks better than it tastes!


So I did some more research, and apparently bacon least likely to have added water and salt is the dry cured stuff. The problem is, it’s next to near impossible to find sugar-free dry cured bacon, as it seems to be a key ingredient in the curing process. Even the organic, nitrate free bacon is cured with sugar. So I’m on a bit of a bacon downer today. Poor me.

On the upside, Sainsbury’s smoked salmon is sugar-free – yay! After my trauma on Monday, BF returned home insisting our regular Sainsbury’s stuff had no added sugar. So I looked it up and sure enough, he was right. I’m so happy – especially now with all these emergent bacon issues!



So I’ve been for a nose around Sainsburys and purchased the smoked salmon. I had a look at all the varieties on offer and surprisingly, or maybe not, much of the more expensive, fancy stuff, contained sugar whereas the regular stuff we buy does not. Perhaps food manufacturers are of the opinion that to improve taste and become “fancy” you need to add sugar. I always thought they just lashed it into the cheap stuff to keep it cheap but it seems that’s not always the case.

As for the bacon, well, watch this space. I did find a brand that is dry cured, smoked, sugar free and 97% pork. Too good to be true perhaps?


I’ll test it out over the next couple of days and report back on whether anything oozes out during cooking.

On a different subject entirely, I went out without makeup on today. Admittedly, anyone who knows me is well aware that this is not a completely out of character thing for me to do. However, we all know that my skin has been an unholy mess lately and I’ve been dealing with this massive spot. Well I decided after a quick look in the mirror today that things were definitely looking up in the whole facial area so I decided not to bother with the makeup for the first time in ages. So that’s a little sugar-free victory right there. Bravo!



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