Sugar free travelling

So I’m in one of my danger places: an airport. About to board a flight to another danger place: home. With regards to Cardiff Airport, the pics below speak for themselves. It’s a prison of temptation. We’re all stuck here, waiting for our gate to be displayed, surrounded by all these sweets. 


Kids and grown-ups love them so!


Temptation central

Thankfully, I’m travelling smart today and have packed myself a little departure lounge picnic. Behold my oatcakes, smoked salmon, feta & avocado smash and nuts. Apart from all the salt, (I’m parched) it’s hitting the spot. Though once I’m done dealing with all this sugar and white flour I may have to tackle the sodium issue. 


That’s not to say my mouth isn’t watering at the prospect of a bag of jellies. Jelly beans in particular (the gourmet kind of course) are my ultimate sweet treat. They’re also one of the things that once I’ve started eating, I can’t stop, until I reach the aniseed ones, obviously. 

In all honesty, my airport picnic isn’t all that different from lunch. For my last work-from-home day in quite some time, I rustled up an omelette made with spring onions, spinach, smoked salmon and feta. Omelettes are one of my go to lunches when I’m at home (no Gavin and Stacy jokes please!). They’re just so quick, easy and versatile. Omelette lunches, however, usually mean I have to mix breakfast up a little. I could easily eat eggs all day but it’s probably not ideal. 

Better than one of Gwen’s Barry Island specials.

Since I’m having a rocky relationship with porridge at the moment, and as I had some time, I whipped up another batch of my flourless waffles. I think I nearly have the recipe right. The taste of baking powder is no longer an issue and I think I almost have the rest of the ingredients right. Recipe next time, I promise. 


Almost there!

I’ll fill you in more on the dangers of home next time. Thankfully, mum has promised me a sugar free stew. I can’t imagine my almost-3-year-old nephews can promise me a sugar free birthday party tomorrow though.  There has already been much talk of dinosaur cake and sausage rolls so I’ll be walking into temptation city. 

In other news, I think I have a new spot coming up. In fairness, I’ve had a pretty stressful couple of days and I’m not even 2 weeks in to this experiment, so I’m hoping it’s one of my last. I’ll be devastated if my skin doesn’t clear up after quitting the white stuff.  


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