I survived a kids birthday party!

I’m currently on a plane, somewhere between Dublin and Cardiff, making my way back to Swansea after a lovely weekend home in Ireland. Yesterday I was at a birthday party for my nephews, who are turning 3 tomorrow and today was mostly spent recovering, after thinking it a good idea to switch to prosecco last night after starting with a few glasses of red wine. Let’s rewind a little though and address the food situation, as there was most certainly a food situation, given that I was at a kids’ birthday party. I missed breakfast as I had a 10am appointment but only got up around 9.30 (my Dublin bed is so so comfy!). I had a Nakd bar on the run that contained two ingredients, dates and cashews. I felt a bit guilty tbh as the dates were used as a sweetener, and significantly added to the sugar levels in the bar. I’m not off dates, as the sugars are natural, but the guilts hit nonetheless as dates are very sweet. By the time I got back home, I was famished. Mum was busy in the kitchen making sandwiches and doing things with puff pastry. I managed to steal a boiled egg, some ham (which I later found out she’d cooked in Coke – sugar fail), tomatoes, cheese and oatcakes. It was a bit of a thrown together meal but it hit the spot.

After some more running around I met Lizzie for a lovely lunch. With regards to eating out, I’ve decided I’m not going to be all anal about this sugar thing and ask waitresses to list off every ingredient in every meal on the menu. I’m just hoping to make the best choices I can, given the selection on offer. I ordered a bunless cheeseburger and some skinny fries. Usually I’d drown both in ketchup and mayo, but as we know, they both contain sugar so are off limits. The food was delicious and definitely helped me survive the rest of the day. I finished it off with a cappuccino, minus the chocolate dusting.



Party time was 4pm, and arriving with a full belly was very smart of me. I found I didn’t mind that there wasn’t much there that I could eat and I only really felt a longing for party food when the sausages appeared. I managed to restrain myself but it helped that I wasn’t particularly hungry. Later, I snacked on a few cheese cubes and carrot sticks but the burger kept me full for the night. I hung around after the party for a few hours catching up with my brother and sister in law and that’s when all the wine and prosecco was drunk.



Dinosaur birthday cake – specially requested by the birthday boys. 

As a result, I felt pretty rough when I woke up this morning. Today has therefore been a day of grazing on anything I could find that didn’t have sugar or white flour in it. Brekkie consisted of scrambled eggs and bacon. I had the sugar free stew mum made me for lunch. There was some picking at raspberries and cheese & oatcakes when Olivia popped in for chats, then a big juicy steak with potatoes, mushrooms, turnip, parsnip and carrots for dinner. It was delicious (thanks mum!).



Was very hard to resist a croissant!


Usually when I’m hungover I want to eat all the carbs, so today was pretty difficult (aside from dinner). I thought I’d discovered brown bread that I could eat, as McCambridges has no added sugar, but then I realised it contained white flour as well as the whole-wheat stuff. This upset me.


A carbfest for dinner


Just before getting on the plane, I thought it best to get a coffee into me, as I’ve an hour’s drive ahead of me when I land and am exhausted now. I think I exercised amazing levels of willpower when I was offered the free Butlers chocolate, which I politely declined (along with the chocolate dusting on my cappuccino).


No free chocholate for me today 😦

All in all, a great weekend home. Too short, but I survived all the temptations Dublin had to offer (except the booze). Onwards and upwards into week three!



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