Sanity restored!

I have good news to share. I feel like a human person again. By Wednesday night, I was so tired, yet so busy, with an unending list of things to do, that I honestly thought I was going to lose it. Thankfully,  BF cooked dinner, venison steak, veg and potatoes, which we teamed with the most delicious pesto I’ve tasted in a long while.

Look at that butter melting into my potatoes! yum!

After scouring Sainsbury’s I discovered the little pesto gem in the refrigerated section. No sugar, no strange unpronounceable ingredients, just deliciousness. Of course, this means that the pesto has a far shorter shelf life than the jarred stuff, so we’ve been “forced” to team it with pretty much everything we’ve eaten since. A very welcome inconvenience I must say! After an early night, I woke up far breezier on Thursday, managed a short run and most things were once again right with the world. I did end up having to buy my lunch in work, as I had no leftovers to fall back on, so opted for a jacket potato, with chilli and cheese. I can’t attest to the sugar and flour attributes of said chilli but I made the best choice I could given the situation.

Since starting to feel like myself again, I’ve found spending time in the kitchen far less painful and have been cooking up a storm. On Thursday evening I made a slow-cooker frittata thingie that saw me through lunch on Friday and breakfast on Saturday. It may not look very pretty but it was filled with all kinds of good stuff, eggs, broccoli, cauliflower, scallions, peppers, spinach and cheese. Yummo.


Should probably have taken the photo before I added the cheese!



Friday night I cooked up Jamie Oliver’s Happiness Pasta from his Everyday Superfoods book. I must admit I added extra happiness in the form red wine. Something tells me the recipe was all the better for it. It took a while to make though so we also indulged in a little antipasto of mozzarella, tomatos and bazil. Having an Italian around the house isn’t a bad thing at all!


Antipasto for some italian flair!


Wholewheat happiness pasta.

I feel like I had a very lazy Saturday, and mostly I did. The PJs didn’t come off all day, and most of the afternoon and evening was spent on the couch watching movies – such a welcome relief after the busyness of the week. Even though I took my lounging very seriously, I still managed to cook up a storm in the kitchen.

I stewed a punnet of plums with some cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey, which was then teamed up with Greek yoghurt, some seeds and flaked almonds for a sofa snack.


Plums, cinnamon and honey. Pre-stewing.


Mixed with Greek yoghurt, chia seeds, linseed and flaked almonds.

I also roasted some beetroot and have that in mind for a salad today or tomorrow with some baby spinach, goat’s cheese and walnuts.

My biggest project yesterday was my effort at bread making. I haven’t been able to find any that doesn’t contain some white flour or sugar (I’m sure some of the German rye stuff would fit the bill but I don’t exactly love it). I’ve been reading a few brown soda bread recipes over the past while, and also had one a friend passed along a while back. Aside from the fact that I ran out of buttermilk and ended up souring regular milk with lemon juice to make up the difference, and that it should probably have been divided into two smaller loaves or left in the oven a little longer, I think I did ok. I’ll tell you one thing. It’s the most filling bread I’ve ever had in my life. We had it with Julie Child’s leek and potato soup (also made yesterday during my cooking extravaganza) and I was so stuffed that dinner became unnecessary.

Before its hour in the oven.



Teamed with Leek and Potato Soup. How very oirish!

We also had a couple of slices for breakfast this morning and I feel like I won’t need to eat again for the rest of the day. Must be full of fibre as I’ve been downing glasses of water all morning!


Smorgasbreakfast 🙂

Hoping to cook up a couple more things tonight to get us through Monday and Tuesday. If I can manage that I might make it through the coming week a little more successfully than the one just gone!


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