Cheesy times…

The past few days have been somewhat uneventful food-wise. I am however getting a hankering for pizza, so I think Ciara’s spelt pizza dough recipe might feature sometime in the next week or so. Also, I haven’t forgotten about my home-made mayonnaise, it just became less of a priority when the lack of bread in my life became a far bigger issue.

Sunday afternoon proved very interesting as I was at a friend’s for dinner and rugby and I hadn’t had anyone cook for me yet. Most people probably don’t want the hassle! Sam made Roast Lamb. Yum! Both she and the other guests had also brought some of those root vegetable crisps (sugar free, flour free), which I happily devoured while watching the match. 


Could I be sitting any straighter?

Dinner was delicious, although I did miss drowning everything in gravy. I tried to compensate with butter but British butter has nothing on my beloved Kerrygold, so it didn’t really help. It looks as though it might soon be time for me to learn how to make proper gravy. This is not going to be easy, as I’m a notoriously bad gravy maker, I mean, I often mess up just adding water to the Bisto. Maybe Julia Child can help me. I must refer to her expertise once more.

On Monday, there was some sort of fancy meeting in work and along with fancy meetings, comes fancy food. The leftovers found their way into the staff-room and subsequently into my lunchbox. 

Tuesday’s lunch thus became a mish mash of whatever I had secreted away in the fridge the day before: cheese (of which I think I’m eating too much), pear and walnut salad (I suspect the mustard dressing was laced with sugar), grapes, more salad, this time with aubergines, some sort of smoked fish (mackerel perhaps) and some feta salad (more cheese). 


Free lunch… if there is such a thing !

Free food is free food and always appreciated, especially when it’s the good stuff. I left behind the obviously flour and sugar laden stuff but I didn’t kid myself into thinking I’d avoided sugar altogether.

I’ve been consistently forgetting to take photos of dinner but I believe there was some venison steak and salmon on the menu Monday and Tuesday. Tonight, I got in late from Italian class so just had some of my addictive bread with some addictive pesto and goats cheese (more cheese). 



I had actually forgotten I wouldn’t be home until close to 9 and only brought a salad with me today for lunch. I finally used some of my roasted beetroot and teamed it with some baby spinach and cress, cherry tomatoes and goat’s cheese. I’d planned to include walnuts too but completely forgot this morning.


Walnutless beetroot and goat’s cheese salad

Since I only had the salad, I thought it best to double lunch so I grabbed a jacket potato, topped with chilli and cheese (ahem) as lunch numero uno and saved the salad until about 5.30. The potato was fine but the chilli was pretty watery and fairly salty also, so I’ve been parched all day.


sodium alert

Brekkie the past couple of days has mostly been some combination of scrambled eggs, spinach, tomatoes, avocado and smoked salmon. This morning, however, I decided to give buckwheat pancakes a go. I didn’t have time to ‘do’ pancake Tuesday yesterday so pushed it back to today. We had some fruit that was beginning to turn (ok, much of it had fur growing on it) so we used that as a topping (the non furry bits that is), along with the last of the stewed plums, Greek yoghurt and a tiny drizzle of maple syrup. To be honest, the plums were sweet enough after all their stewing and there was really no need for the syrup. Was a delicious post-run brekkie though and after a gorgeous sunrise really hit the spot. 


the non furry fruit with buckwheat pancakes

In other news, I’ve come across two other ladies who tried giving up sugar – one for a week and one for a fortnight. You can read about their experiences here and here. Thank you Aoife and google alerts. Sugar free farm also ended last night but I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet so will let you know how it ended – with weight loss, glowing skin and increased energy I assume.

I’ve also lost about 2 lbs and 2 inches off my belly but I think if I’m going to lose any real weight I’ll have to actually try. More about this another time.


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