Eating on the go and too much wine…

So the past few sugar free days have been pretty challenging. Aside from the fact that it appears I can’t eat anything Costa have to offer, I’m also rapidly realising that, suagr free journey or not, alcohol, particularly wine, is not my friend.

I spent the weekend over in Bedford with the Websters. We drove down on Friday after work and I stupidly forgot to bring any food with me. After scouring a rest-stop M&S and leaving much of what looked appetising on the shelf (most of their food is loaded with sugar), I settled on a mish-mash of snacks that saw me through the drive and a chunk of Saturday too.

I had a couple of glasses of wine upon arrival and then hit the hay. Saturday dawned and Orna and Simon prepared a feast for brekkie.

I had brought my own bread and bacon and also dug in to Mushrooms and eggs so was very happy with my eats. Then the donuts and Danishes were produced and I started to drool!

I satisfied my craving (sort of!) with some Greek yoghurt from the previous night’s M&S haul and fruit.

The difficulties really began later that afternoon when we ended up in Costa for lunch. There really wasn’t anything I could eat so I ended up having a bag of those Tyrrels veg chips with a coffee. About 20 minutes later I thought I was going to fall asleep right there in Dunelm. The sleepiness lasted about 40 minutes or so and came so out of the blue I reckoned the Veg Chips must have been a sugar bomb. I checked the following day and I was spot on, 22.5g of sugar per 100g. None of it is added or refined but what difference does that make if the natural stuff can have such an effect.

Dinner that night was an Indian. I made the best choices I could (tandoori chicken and pilau rice, with a few sides such as aloo ghobi). I also had a couple more glasses of wine. It was all delicious. It did make me sad that I had to forgo the popadums and some peshwari naan but I coped!

Sunday proved to be really tough going. The wine I’d had the previous night had me feeling particularly rough and I was facing into a 4 hour drive back to Swansea. More bacon and eggs for brekkie, while I watched everybody else digging into pancakes (sob!) and then a walk before we hit the road.

Lunch took place in Waitrose (salads) and we also stopped along the way for petrol and shared a large fries from Burger King. Yes, on Valentines day I ate in a supermarket cafe and a roadside Burger King. So much romance!

I’m not going to lie. I was craving a Whopper, or anything on the menu for that matter. BK is a really tough place to be when hungover and off sugar and white flour.

I’d pre-made our (valentines) dinner as I knew I’d be in no mood to cook – Turkey mince Spag Bol with spelt pasta. No wine. I wouldn’t have been able to handle it. I was having a rough enough day as it was.

As for this hangover, it appeared after only about 2 glasses of wine (well, 2 on Friday night and 2 on Saturday night!). I don’t know if my wine tolerance has reduced to pretty much zero because I’m off sugar, or for some other reason. What is becoming an issue is that it takes me a couple of days to recover, and all the while, I just want to eat stodgy carby food and jellies – neither of which I can have. The reality of the situation is that I shouldn’t be drinking at all. Alcohol turns to sugar as soon as it hits your system, but going booze free was never part of my grand plan for the year. I’m beginning to rethink this, as I just can’t cope with the 2 days of hell I have to endure after very little vino. Perhaps I should switch to vodka or gin and see if that helps. Problem is, I love red wine. I just don’t love its effects!


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