Cranky and fed up!

As the title of this post implies, I’m pretty cranky and fed up at the moment. To say that my mood is directly related to the lack of sugar in my diet would be false, but I’m definitely beginning to think that all this change is having no positive impact on my general well-being and health.

If the proponents of the low sugar lifestyle are to be believed, at this point in my journey, I should be slimmer, have glowing skin and boundless energy. Instead, my weight is static, my skin is the same as ever and I’m exhausted.

I”m not entirely sure what to think or say about the weight situation. Up until late last year, I exercised for around 4 hours a week. I cycled to and from work most days, I’d go for the odd run, and make use of all the exercise DVDs I have at home. Since December, that’s all pretty much stopped. I gorged at christmas, ate my (substantial) weight in guacamole in Mexico in January and haven’t made much of an attempt to run or cycle any of those extra lbs off. For me, exercise has always been a part of weight loss. I’ve rarely been able to shift more than a couple of lbs unless I’m ensuring I also move more. In addition, the last time I gave up sugar, I did lose weight. Probably because I was much fitter at the time and exercising more. So essentially I’m now not comparing like with like and unless I move my ass, I probably won’t see any positive results from giving up sugar.

My skin has been a problem since my early 20s and again, this is something that improved greatly the last time I quit the white stuff. This time, however, I’m not seeing any great change. It may not help that I’m tired and stressed and ended up eating crisps for my lunch on Saturday, but the non improvement in the visage is really bugging me.

Finally, I’m wrecked. This isn’t necessarliy sugar related, but it makes staying sugar free very difficult.  Work is crazy busy. I get home in the evening and barely have the energy to think about food. This wouldn’t be much of an issue if I could just grab anything I fancied from the fridge, but no sugar and no white flour severely limits options, especially convenient ones. As I was away last weekend, I had no opportunity to really plan for the week or prepare any food for easy lunches and dinners, so most days have been a struggle. I’ve been eating crappy canteen food in work. God knows what exactly is in the Chilli but salt is a sure ingredient. I went for a chickpea curry yesterday and it was sickly sweet. Today I’m going to pop over to Tesco for a salad (no dressing!).

So basically I’m really struggling. Life is busy and busy lives make for very tough sugar free lives. The plan this weekend is to try to meal prep for next week, so that I cope better with what Monday-Friday sends my way. If I don’t find the time, next week will be a disaster. I also need to start to excercise again. This will have to be done in the morning as I’m too exhausted to do anything after work. Hopefully, if I can prep like a superstar and move more, my case of the cranks will go away, the weight will start to shift and maybe it will all start to show on a beautiful glowing face!



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