Meal Prep Marathon

I think I spent about 10 hours in the kitchen yesterday – no exaggeration. Meal prep Sunday morphed into a mammoth all day task, that included no less than 13 different dishes.

By the time I went to bed, my feet hurt, I was exhausted, had chipped off most of my nail polish due to non-stop dish-washing and managed to knife my thumb. I also had this morning’s breakfast prepared, 3 days worth of lunches, a week’s worth of super healthy seedy snack-bars, almost two weeks worth of dinners, some stewed rhubarb (just in case!) AND (here’s what I’m most excited about) a portion of home made mayonnaise and the beginnings of a sourdough starter.

Ta-Dah! Mayo at last!

I think we need to begin with the Mayo as I’ve been spouting on about making it for about a month now. It was a super simple process and the end result was wholly unlike any other mayo I’ve ever tasted (in an OMG, I need to make chips right now to dip into this sauce of deliciousness, kind of way). All it took was an egg, some mustard powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, oil and an immersion blender, et voilá, 3 minutes to amazingly creamy, sugar and crap free mayo.


Pre immersion and emulsification 

I then added some truffle oil & mushroom sauce, which took it to a whole other level. It perfectly complimented the mushroom-topped burgers we had for dinner. No pics, too busy eating.

Extra fancy truffle mayo – drool!

Thanks, in part, to Michael Pollan and his new Netflix series, ‘Cooked’, I also got a sourdough starter underway. All the bread making in the ‘Air’ episode inspired me. Sourdough, apparently, wreaks the least amount of havoc in our systems as it’s made using a more traditional fermentation process that helps our bodies handle gluten better. I also happen to like sourdough and am looking for some more bread recipes to try out. This form of bread making requires a simple starter in place of yeast. It’s a paste of flour and water and sometimes honey. After some time, fungi and bacteria naturally join the show, everything comes alive and you can then use it to make bread. Apparently I have to stir it twice a day for the next 5 days, then do something else with it, and it’s good to go on day 6. There is so much capacity for things to go wrong here, but I’ll give it a try and hope for the best. Watch this space!


An unimpressive looking sourdough starter


Most of my other cooking and prep was far less interesting. Lots of chopping took place and gradually meals started to come together. At one point I was very much in danger of running out of Tupperware for all the food, but was saved by some old takeaway containers. I finished up around 8.30pm with some truffle mayonnaise, accompanied by mushrooms, a burger, asparagus and a glass of wine. All in all, a good days work.



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