A sugar slip and a spotty face :(

Hello lovelies,

It’s been a while I know. Mostly because I’ve had very little to report (although I do need to speak to you all about some bread issues I’ve been having). This weekend however, I came upon a situation I wasn’t expecting to have to face for a couple more weeks yet. 

With Easter looming and coinciding with a trip to the in-laws in Italia, I knew I was going to face a major challenge.  Even before I took up this sugar free quest, I knew that refusing Aunt Franca’s food on Easter  Sunday was never going to happen. There will be a 6 course meal put in front of me, with at least one pasta course and a few desserts, and let’s face it, it’s far more important for all the Italians to like me, than for me to stay sugar and flour free for a couple of days. I decided long ago to have a little bit of this and a little bit of that, say delizioso a few times and just keep on smiling. 

Problem is, something similar also happened this past weekend. We were at a colleague’s for lunch on Saturday. We get on well but we wouldn’t be so friendly that he’d know I’d ditched the white stuff. The food was delicious and I ate so much that dinner didn’t need to happen at all that night. However, dessert was produced after coffee and I found myself in a very tough situation!

 I decided refusing it would just be rude and offensive, given my friend’s wife had spent half the morning in the kitchen. They were also really keen for me to try it. So I had two teaspoons and made BF eat the rest.  It was indeed delicious but I felt bad after my slip up.

 I felt even worse the following day when my face erupted. I now have a few massive spots on my chin and am contemplating walking around with a paper bag over my head for the next few days…

  It’s a pity. I really felt like my skin was beginning to improve at last. But now I’m all spotty and hideous and I still have to deal with Aunt Franca’s Easter feast on Sunday. If we’re working off a ratio of one zit per teaspoon of dessert consumed, I’m in a very precarious situation. Woe is me 😦


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