The thing about bread

Hi folks!

It’s been a very long time I know and I must apologise (assuming you missed me of course!). The truth is, I had gotten into bread (and chips, potatoes, pasta – all the carbs really) in a big way for a couple of months.

An Ikea hotdog. the worst offender.

There was a reason for this but one that I couldn’t really share with you. So I just kept my mouth shut – except for when I was throwing up, or eating toast or chips. For those of you who don’t know,  we’re expecting a little addition to the family in November and this little addition hasn’t really been on board with my whole no white flour and no sugar thing.

For the most part, I’ve been ok about staying away from the sugar but the flour thing just went completely out the window.

Fajita Friday!

my first ever attempt at a quiche…yum!

Burger and chips from Stockholm

Mmmm Tacos!

There have been nachos galore!

I’m still contemplating whether I”m going to reinstate the no white flour rule, now that I’m feeling better. Although it’s certainly not going to be tonight (I may have a pizza lined up for dinner).

There are a few things I’ve eaten over the past while that I know contain small amounts of sugar but I’ve been turning a blind eye, so I may have to get a wee bit stricter on myself on that front.

For example, I was so proud of myself for making sugar free jam last week but it was all a lie really! The jam contained vanilla extract, which contains sugar syrup. For the life of me I can’t find a brand that doesn’t have sugar in it so perhaps I need to revert to the far more expensive vanilla pods.

In addition, I’ve had to go back to shop bought mayo as I’m not allowed eat my own homemade stuff (raw egg 😢). Back when I was stuffing chips into my mouth every second day, the mayo issue reared it’s head, as it’s vital to have something to dip your chips in! I’m not a big ketchup person so it had to be mayo. In any case, ketchup is a far worse offender.

So there have been a couple of similar sugar related misdemeanours (See IKEA hotdog for case in point), but on the whole I’ve done fairly well. No cakes or chocolate or sweets have passed these lips (since my Easter trip to Italy anyway!).

I just had to throw in the towel with the flour. There wasn’t even any effort made to limit myself to wholemeal bread or pasta. It had to be the white stuff or it wasn’t happening. I’m definitely on the up now so should probably try to go easy on all the white carbs, because I just can’t imagine they’re good for me, but it may take a while to wean myself off.

I’ll do my best to write  a little more often. Especially now that the days are less of a struggle and staying awake long enough to compose a post is far more likely!

Chat soon lovelies,

Cathy x



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