Eating my vegetables!

Hi folks,

So over the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to steer away from “all the carbs” (especially chips) and reintroduce my body and little bump to some slightly healthier foods. 

The pic below is a quinoa salad from Nandos and I have to say it was pretty delicious. I also have to admit we ordered a side of chips to have with our salads and chicken and it was way way too much food. Should have just stuck the healthier option as it was plenty filling.

A few days later I went to the fancy place in work and had another salad for lunch. Much better than the crap they serve in the regular canteen but also more expensive! Was pretty good but not amazing. Chicken was supposed to be char grilled but I neither tasted not saw any evidence of the char! 

I then took a notion to make my own granola. I’d been getting sick of porridge for breakfast and wasn’t in the humour for going back to eggs. It’s getting nice and summary in Swansea so I felt some yoghurt and fruit was in order, topped with granola of course. It contains some maple syrup but otherwise is pretty choc full of goodness. I added a few raisens, which I wouldn’t do again and some orange zest, which I most definitely would. It wasn’t quite chunky enough but I think that’s because there was too much of it on the tray when the mixture went in the oven. So overall, the recipe needs some tweaking but it definitely compliments my yoghurt/fruit combo. 

I also decided to try to start bringing my lunch into work again so the past couple of days I’ve been enjoying a fritata I made in a jiffy the other morning. I loaded it up with asparagus, courgette, spinach, chives, scallions and feta and it certainly hit the spot. 

I did go a little off piste with the healthy eating yesterday evening. My italian class went for a bit of a class trip to Mumbles and feasted on pizza while trying to learn the Italian for the various ingredients it contained. Please see below my calzone, containing pomodori, proscuitto Cotto, funghi e formagio! 

Before the pizza, I got insanely hungry (thanks bump) so had a pre pizza bowl of chips. I ate them so fast I only have the empty bowl and mayo packages to show you! 

I’m now in Cardiff Airport trying to go home for the weekend and praying that my flight will leave soon. It’s not only delayed, but it seems to have disappeared off the departures board, which is concerning me somewhat! The haul below was bought as airport and airplane snacks but I’d eaten most of it before I even left the office (Guess who’s been grading exams all day).

Chat to you all after Dublin (if I ever get there) xx


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