Double standards! 

Hi folks,

So my appitite has pretty much exploded over the past few days. I’ve essentially been permenantly hungry since Friday, so I’m trying (again) to get smarter about what I’m eating. I’ve been told I shouldn’t gain more than 11 kilos (around 24lbs) while I’m growing this baby, so I’m trying to be mindful of that (along with all the other things I’m supposed to be doing/not doing!). I also have some very important bridesmaid duties to perform in February so it would be nice not to arrive dressed as a heifer (not that anyone will be looking at me!).

In an effort to engage in some more healthy snacking, I made a batch of these bad boys yesterday:

Madeleine Shaw energy bars

They’re pretty delicious and full of all kinds of good things, tahini, banana, coconut oil, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and chia seeds… all the protein and fiber a growing bump could require…and sugar free of course!! The recipe comes from Madeleine Shaw’s book “get the glow”. I haven’t made too many of its recipies, but these bars have been thrown together time and time again and always hit the spot.

I’ve also been snacking on my granola with greek yoghurt and fruit. Again, lots of protein and a few more good things. There is some maple syrup in the granola and to be honest, I do find it a little sweet so I might take a leaf out of Madeleine’s book and use banana instead of the syrup next time.

I’m also reverting back to my once favourite brekkie of eggs, bacon, spinach, cherry tomatoes and avcado. Porridge just wasn’t cutting the mustard anymore when it came to filling me up, so I’m back on the protein for my first meal of the day. If anyone is concerned about the look of the avocado in the pic below, you have every right to be. After one bite it was decided that it had spent a couple of days too long in the fruit bowl and was left on the plate.

It used to be the case that bacon and smoked salmon were interchangeable when it came to the above breakfast. Since we’ve moved however, we have found ourselves shopping in Tesco a lot more often (it’s by far the closest supermarket). You may remember the difficulty I had in finding sugar free smoked salmon back when I began my quest and as far as Tesco is concerned, I have no change to report. I should be near a Sainsburys tomorrow, on my way to Italian class, so I’ll pop in there and see if I can pick up some of the good stuff. I need to see if they have sugar free chorizo too, as that was also lacking in Tesco. In addition to my futile searches for salmon and chorizo, I had to look for about 10 minutes before finding some cooked ham that didn’t have a tonne of brown sugar added. Tesco may be a cheaper grocery option but they really are far too liberal with their added sugars.

I named this post “double standards” and the pic below is part of the reason why. I had a serious hankering for a ham and cheese toastie yesterday, so I took a stroll into the village to pick up some bits and pieces, but particularly, the essential ham. The shop I found myself in paled in comparison to the mega giant tesco a few miles further up the road so my options were somewhat limited. I couldn’t find any ham that didn’t contain sugar but in the end, I decided my hunger was more important so I bought the below meat, deciding it looked the least offensive.

Once home, I chopped up the relevant ingredients and made myself a pretty delicious toastie. Albeit not entirely sugar free.

Double standard number two was another Tesco sugar violation. I’m not entirely sure what happened exactly. I had been dilligently reading ingredients on all sorts of things before they were allowed into the trolly but for some reason I took leave of my senses and completely disregarded my sugar free ways. It was agreed wednesday night would be pizza night (entirely my suggestion), because the Ireland – Italy match would be on and we wouldn’t want to cook. We grabbed a couple of half price Tesco pizzas and popped them in the trolly without really thinking. (Well I was thinking that they’re actually pretty delicious for a shop bought pizza, especially at the steal of a price they were going for – less then £2 I think.) A few minutes later I remembered my sugar thing, so reluctantly read the ingredients. Sugar appeared, but it was one of the last ingredients (for those of you who are unaware, ingredients are listed by most to least on packaged foods) so I let it remain in the trolly anyway, even though I probably shouldn’t have. I mean, if we’re going by those rules I should have just grabbed some smoked salmon and chorizo while I was at it, but for some reason didn’t. I can’t really explain my thought process, other than the fact that I really fancied a pizza!

I’ll let you know how I enjoyed it next time. I suspect it will very much depend on how Ireland are faring against Italy in the Euros. Football miricles do happen don’t they?


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