Sugar fiend! 

Hello my friends!

So when your mum tells you “you’d better get on that blog and confess”, confess is what you should do!

I’ve had a few weeks of absolute piggery that has mostly served to remind me why I’m doing this no sugar thing in the first place. I clearly have no off switch when it comes to sugary treats so I feel it must be a case of all or nothing for me. Moderation is not a word that my brain is wired to understand, particularly it seems, when I’m back in Ireland among friends and my mother’s baked goods!

I slipped up almost as soon as I got off the ferry. Actually, I lie, there was a pre-ferry scone that I’m sure was sugar laden and for good measure I also spread lashings of jam on it. The following night, I was out for dinner with a bunch of friends and for some reason decided to order dessert. I know it was becuase it was advertised to contain rhubarb, and I do love rhubarb! Oh and Ice-Cream! And I had been seriously missing Ice-Cream. I’d been meaning to make some with coconut milk and fruit etc but hadn’t got aroud to it yet. So I took the plunge, ordered said dessert, and it turned out to be pretty revolting. No biggie, I swapped it with someone else and ate their chocolate tart thing instead. That wasn’t particularly amazing either so I ended up feeling very hard done by.

The following day, I found myself in McDonalds. The opportinity for ice-cream again arose and I grabbed it with as much gusto as my 3 year old nephews. You will find that ice-cream is going to be a bit of a recurring theme in this post!


After that it basically all went to shit. I had a bad day during the following week and ended up in SuperValu with a 6 pack of mini magnums in my hand. They lasted a maximum of 24 hours. Delicious though. Especially Almond. Always Almond for the win.

By friday I was indluging in a decadent dessert in Chapter One. Once again, Ice Cream featured quite heavily.

By that night,  I had decided I was all in. This was a dangerous decision. It led to me reasoning that if I was temporarily back on the sugar train, there were loads of things I had to eat in a very short space of time so as to fit them in before coming back to Swansea. Top of the list was a bag of jellies. Yum. There was also a bounty bar in the mix. Delicious. And a few other random treats or sugary foods that I would normally steer clear of (tracker bars that were handed out as part of a conference lunch for example). I would have liked to have had a donut to round it out but never got around to it. Whether on sugar or off I rarely eat them, but the right donut can really hit the spot.

In reality, I probably did my best work at home in mum’s house. She’s a whizz with a fruit brack and a crumble and I was very happily helping myself to whatever she had on the go on any given day. There was deifinitely more baking going on than usual, as there was a constant stream of people popping in to see me and the bump so I’m sure I had at least one dessert a day, if not 2 or 3, courtesy of mum. Hence her insistance that I confess!!!

I did have a great time back in Ireland but I hadn’t felt so full and stuffed to the gills with food in a very long time. Uaually by the time the Christmas season comes to a close, I’m looking forward to going on a diet as I’m so fed up with all the cakes, chocolate and mince pies etc. I felt somewhat similar returning to Swansea, although it took me a good few days to get back on track. On friday I had two ice-creams in one afternoon. I tried a honeycomb Magnum. Waste of time. It just doesn’t cut the mustard.

A couple of hours later I indulged in a Ben and Jerry’s Ice-Cream sandwish. I knew these to be delicious from my time working with B&J and it did not disappoint. By Sunday, I was throwing out the last of a box of choclates so they woulnd’t be there tempting me on Monday. So far this week I’ve done ok. I’ve stayed awy from the obvious sugars but still have to clean up my food choices a little more.
Will keep you posted!



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