Organisation is key!

Hello all! So things on the sugar/no sugar train haven’t been so easy lately. I partly blame the process of growing a human and partly blame my lack of organisation (which could also be partly blamed on growing a human!).

I find, for the most part, when I’m at home, I eat fairly well. Breakfast will usually consist of things like porridge with bananas, nuts and seeds, yoghurt and fruit or avocado toast topped with a fried egg. Sunday is usually pancake day and I try to make buckwheat pancakes when I can as I feel they are a little healthier than the ones made with regular flour (which I was supposed to give up anyway!). I do allow myself  a little drizzle of maple syrup though!

Avocado Toast and a couple of eggs. Yum!

Sunday Buckwheat Pancakes

For lunch, we’ll often have an omlete with veggies and cheese or a salad with some sort of protein like eggs or tuna (I have to limit tuna though as apparently too much isn’t good for baby – not great for the tuna population either). I’m also back on the halumi train big time. Yum!

Haloumi Salad.

Shop bought but sugar free spanish omlette with bean salad

Veggie and Feta Omlette

Dinner usually consists of some sort of meat/fish, carb, veggie combo. Last night we had turkey steak with brocolli and potatoes. Sometimes it will be spag bol and spelt spaghetti. We occasionally have pizza which really shouldn’t be on the rotation but it’s the one thing I’m finding very hard to live without! It’s fine if I make my own dough as I can leave out any sugars that may sneak into a frozen pizza. The problem is that we often use pizza as a quick dinner for when we’re too tired to cook, so it’s usually a frozen margharita with our own toppings added. So far we’ve found Goodfellas to be the one with the least sugar added, so have settled on that as our concession of choice. The “least bad cheat” if you will!


Spag Bol!


Fajita NIght


Meat, veg and potatoes. Good, hearty and oh so Irish!


I have a bit of a roller coaster appitite these days also (thanks growing bump). I find myself famished at the most unlikely of times. Again, when I’m home it’s no problem. There’s usually something sugar free I can snack on. Well, that depends on your opinion of fruit, as that’s what I’ve been horsing into me. I have no issues there and feel it’s filling me with all the vitamines and things me and baby need. Probably also helping to ward off the dreaded pregnancy constipation I hear so much about (TMI?).


The issues with my crazy appitite usually only cause problems when I’m in work. Luckily, it’s summer time so I get to work from home quite a bit. However, also because it’s summer time, almost all eating outlets on campus are closed or working reduced hours and with reduced menus. This really messed me up for a few weeks. I went through a phase of eating some pretty nasty Tesco ready meals. High fat, high salt and def sugar laden too. On at least one occasion, some sort of pasta bake was consumed about an hour after my proper lunch as I was still starving.

The unhealthiest second lunch in the world!

Looks miserable too.

Another day, I had lunch at home and then went in to the office for the afternoon. I made sure I had a banana and some popcorn to keep me going but it just wasn’t enough. I ended up eating a couple of chocolates and a brioche roll just to save me from a hunger headache.

Emergency Chocolate and Brioche!

I’ve gradually started to learn my lesson though so when I am in the office for the day I load up my lunchbox with plenty of food. A wrap or sambo, maybe some yoghurt and loads and loads of fruit.

Finally getting organised. 


It’s definitely helping. I’m feeling a bit more in control, a lot more healthy and way less cheaty! It takes a lot more organisation, especially in the morning which is not my happy time, but it’s worth it to satisfy my hunger with real food instead of whatever I can find in a grimly understocked campus tesco express!





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