Injections and Sugar drinking…

I feel like a pincushion. I’m in the hospital having a plethora of blood tests and injections. Anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that needles and I are not friends. Add to that the fact that I’m having to do all of this on an empty stomach and you can imagine the hell I’m in. 

Essentially I’m here for the glucose tolerance test, so ironically, I’ve just had to drink down a massive glass of sugar, that tasted a lot like flat lucozade. If these results come back saying I have gestational diabetes this whole no sugar experiment will have been a big fat fail. I’m very aware that I haven’t been perfect, especially lately. But compared to most, my sugar intake is very low. Let’s hope it’s helped keep me and baby nice and healthy. 

I have had a few misdemeanours lately but I’m beyond the point of feeling guilty. I was in Italy last week and happily enjoyed ice-cream on more than one occasion (5!). 

Delicious gelato!

Before the trip, I found myself finishing off some of the dark chocolate that was in the fridge. I’m pretty sure it was the week I had my whooping cough vaccination (more bloody needles) and was feeling very rough for a couple of days. 

I’ve since replaced the chocolate above and have been enjoying a square (or 2!) after dinner in the evening. 

At an afternoon tea themed hen last month I also got stuck into a chocolate brownie or two and there was also a slice of coffee cake that I allowed pass my lips a week before that. 

So as you can see, I’ve eased off on the strictness somewhat. I think when you have a bunch of “experts” telling you you can’t drink alcohol or caffeine and eat all the cheeses you love, something’s got to give. 

Maybe if I weren’t pregnant I’d still be feeling a little bored of the no sugar life but I have no way of knowing that for sure. 

Day to day, for the most part, I’m still pretty careful about what I eat. Anything I cook myself is predominantly sugar free, save for the odd dollop of mayo. I find avoiding sugar hardest when I’m out with friends and someone produces cake or when I’m in work and suddenly realise I didn’t bring enough food with me and am famished. Yesterday for example, I ended up buying a fruit/yoghurt/granola pot from Starbucks that I’m sure was loaded up with sugar. 

My options were fairly limited though and oats are apparently good for bringing in your milk supply so I reasoned it was the best option available to me and my hungry belly. 

Speaking of hungry bellies, it’s almost 10.10 and I’m still banned from eating  and drinking. I’m getting hangry and dying to devour the fruit and yoghurt I brought with me. Even a decaf coffee would go some way to appeasing my punctured skin and empty stomach but that’s off limits also. Roll on 11.30!


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