Bacon Blues

I feel like i’m losing the battle to find decent sugar free bacon. I’ve wasted the last two breakfasts eating the most revolting stuff I’ve ever come across. Tesco’s “unfinest” made its way into my basket the other day because it was sugar free. Yay for me, or so I thought. The minute I started […]

Sugar Free Media

Tuesday Jan 26th 2016  Today I finally set up some Google Alerts so I could keep track of this sugar/white flour business in the news. Three articles immediately peaked my interest: This Nottingham Post article concerning the new “Sugar Smart” app. A Huffington Post journalist and mum who’s trying to reduce the sugar she and […]

Not Smoked Salmon!

Monday Jan 25th 2016. So I’m sitting here pretty traumatised after my trip to Tesco. It turns out there’s sugar in smoked salmon. Not all smoked salmon, but all that’s stocked by Tesco Swansea that’s for sure.   Distraught, I asked Google why this was so, and the Daily Mail had the answer. To paraphrase, […]

The morning after…

Wednesday Jan 20th 2016. Yesterday wasn’t the easiest of days – in fairness though, it wasn’t that difficult either. We were out most of the afternoon and evening at a work thing that then morphed into Adam’s birthday celebrations. I had pre-ordered my lunch as best I could so had mushrooms to start and a […]